Marketing to move your small business forward.

It takes a lot to keep a small business running.

Your marketing can be a meaningful investment that grows your business in a measurable way.

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Social with strategy

Ads with audiences

Campaigns with creativity

Emails with engagement

Plans with purpose

Marketing services are available as project-based or hourly-based contracts.

Social with strategy

Are you finding and engaging with the right audiences on the right channels?

There is vast opportunity for growth on social media, but there are also vast opportunities for distractions.  Discerning which are the right channels and what’s the best way to use them can be challenging. 

Whether it’s managing your social channels or overseeing your paid advertising plan on social media, with Marketing to Mission, you’ll have a dedicated resource to help you develop a social strategy aligned to your business goals, and then to create, track, and optimize your social media content.

Ads with audiences

People are searching - are they finding you?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), such as ads on Google Search, is one of the best ways to put your products and offerings right in front of people who are already looking, but running ads on Google can seem overwhelming.


When you work with Marketing to Mission, you’ll have a Google Search Ads Certified Marketer to help set up, monitor and manage, and optimize your campaigns.

Campaigns with creativity

Are your campaigns as unique as you are?

It’s easy to assume that you have to do what everyone else is doing for marketing, but really it’s about doing what works best for you. If that’s a photo contest on Instagram or T-Shirt giveaways or a cross-promo campaign with another local business, then that’s what you should do. With a little testing and tracking, we can determine the best mix of tactics to help you grow.

Emails with engagement

Are your emails delivering the results you need?

Regular communication with your customers can support your business. It can help with retention, upsell/cross-sell, and new business.

Even with all the new marketing channels, email can still be an effective channel for keeping those lines of communication open with customers and prospects - if it's done well.

From mobile optimization to HTML design to subject lines, there are a lot of components to get right. But when you have all the pieces in place, you can deliver messages to your audiences to get them to take the action you want.

Plans with purpose

Do you have a plan in place that you're following and tracking against?

Running a business means you have a lot to do and a lot to keep track of. 

Your marketing plan should be one item that helps keeps your business moving forward efficiently and effectively.

With a marketing plan that’s been thought through, aligned with your business goals, and put down on paper, you can keep track of what’s happening, what’s working (or not), and therefore know what to continue to do to grow your business.

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