Small Businesses & Nonprofits

How many plates do you have to keep spinning?

How many hats are you wearing?

Yes, it takes a lot to keep a small business

or nonprofit running.

Do you feel like your marketing is frantic, haphazard, and just plain all over the place?

Do you spend more time trying to remember what your last idea was instead of actually getting something done?

Do you start marketing projects, but then never get around to finishing them?

These are all very common feelings and practices of individuals running small and local organizations.


When you’re running a small business or nonprofit, you have a lot of hats to wear. You need to keep a lot of plates spinning in the air.

What if you could have a plan that keeps you and your organization on track to move towards your goals?

Quarterly Marketing Plan of Action & Implementation

When you invest in the creation of a marketing plan, as well as the subsequent implementation of it, you can start to gain a little more sanity and a lot more strategy.


This quarterly service package provides the creation and implementation of a quarterly content marketing plan centralized around a key quarterly focus or goal, with the supporting tactics to reach your business goals.

Social Media Content Creation & Management

Let’s get back to making social media actually social.

Yes, social media is a great marketing channel for your business.


However, it has to be used in a way that truly engages people by offering value and being authentic. This is also what performs best on social media.


And it has to be part of an overall marketing strategy for your business. If what you do on social media is separate from everything else, you'll lose out on potential amplification.

As part of this package, we'll work with you to develop strategic content for your social media, as well as monitor your channels.

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