Soloprenuers & Start Ups

Stepping out on your own to build a business is exhilarating! You have an expertise or skill or great idea that you’re ready to bring to the world, and with that comes lot of excitement.

However, it can also be overwhelming.

When it comes to marketing, many new entrepreneurs question:

what is the best way to do marketing, what are the best tools, which social channels, how often, how much, which people, what to say, and the list of questions goes on and on.

Yes - there are a lot of tools out there for marketing.
Yes - there are a lot of channels in which to reach people.
Yes - there are a lot of experts with well meaning advice.

But let me tell you this - the foundations of marketing are simple and unchanging.

That doesn't mean marketing is always easy, but it does mean you can have a simple starting place.

You need to 1) have a great product, 2) know your audience really well, and 3) be able to articulate the value of your great product and how it meets the needs of your audience.


When you begin with this, you can take your message and use it on any channel, using any tools, in any strategy.

Building Your Marketing Foundation Package

A question is a powerful tool.


It can get you pointed in the right direction.


It can get you to articulate clearly what's been jostling around in your head.

It can get you thinking about something in a new way.

So here's the thing - I bet if you were asked the right questions, you could build out a solid marketing plan for your business.

And that's exactly what this is!

This package is a tool for you to refine your message,

create a clearer image of your target audience, and

develop a plan to bring those two together.

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