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Let me guess, you didn’t start your business to do marketing, right?

And yet, you find yourself trying to figure out what to say and what to do to get your name out there. Frustrating, isn’t it?

Step on in and let’s chat!

Hi there! My name is Lauren Allegrezza Krupp. I work with business owners to help them clarify their message and simplify their marketing so that they can focus on the mission of why they started their business in the first place.

After making the rounds doing marketing in nonprofit, small business, and global corporate, I’ve made it my mission to serve you hard-working people who are sharing your passions and talents through your business. Getting to know you and your journey is one of the BEST parts of this job. I can’t wait to learn more about your mission.

You can schedule your free 30-Minute Discovery call with me today!

I love sharing what I’ve learned through my experiences, and I also love partnering with talented professionals who have skills that help me serve my clients. Marketing to Mission is supported by a team of contractors who are also on mission to serve others in business.

The Journey to Marketing to Mission

The work we’re doing here at Marketing to Mission is driven by Jeremiah 29:7, which is the call to “work for the well-being of the city where I have sent you to.” I believe that thriving businesses contribute to thriving communities. Supporting those who are working to enrich the lives of others is my calling.

The journey to Marketing to Mission began when I developed a heart for mission-minded organizations while interning with The Salvation Army in D.C. Working alongside the volunteer coordinator, grant writer, major gifts officers, as well as the programs and services team ignited my heart and revealed to me how marketing can be a force for good.


I cut my teeth in small business when I began working for my father’s business in Hatfield, PA. This is where I learned that mission doesn’t just belong to the nonprofit world. For-profit businesses serve by providing products and services that enrich their clients’ lives. Here is also where I dove deep into marketing analytics. Data-driven decisions were my game and “Spreadsheets” was my name! (no really, some people did start calling meSpreadsheets”)


From there, I moved on to grow and refine my marketing skills at a global company. Talk about a whole new world! Global marketing had a slew of new challenges. At the same time, I noticed that many of the underlying principles of marketing were the same. It was the shift from marketing analytics to portfolio marketing that brought me to this sweet spot of knowing what marketing is at its core: connecting the dots between products and pain points in a way that resonates with customers.


All of my experiences came together to help me understand my own mission.


There are gifted business owners out there on a mission to help others. They carry out their mission through their products and services, and they need solid marketing that supports them in that mission. Couldn’t I take what I’ve learned and help them?

That’s how I came to launch Marketing to Mission.


Today, I’m on a mission to serve those of you on a mission. Running a business requires a LOT of work. You’ve got your hands in everything. Trying to do it all is overwhelming. But you don’t have to do it alone. 


So let’s see how we can work together to get you a clear message and simplified marketing so that you can spend your valuable time doing what matters most in your business.


Learn more about how we work with clients or go ahead and reach out to keep this conversation going!

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