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Marketing Services

for small businesses

Does marketing feel overly complicated?

Do your marketing activities seem haphazard?

Or maybe you just don't know where to start or go next?

Simplify your marketing with a clear message and a clear focus.

Lack of clarity leads to complication.

Complication leads to overwhelm.

Trying to execute on marketing from

a place of overwhelm is exhausting.

Clarifying your marketing message will help you simplify your marketing strategy and be more efficient and effective in all your marketing efforts.

How you can clarify your message:

Learn how to DIY

Learn how to clarify your own message & find marketing sanity!
These services range from $29 - $497

We'll do it for you

Work with our team to get your message clear so that you can do more focused marketing.
Services start at $797

Not sure which will be right for you? No worries! Let's chat and find out what will be the best fit.

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Working with Lauren was amazing!
I just started my business and was completely overwhelmed with the marketing. She really gave me clarity on what I needed to do and where I needed to focus. Lauren was super helpful in getting me to understand my customer journey and how to use social media. My goal was to have a marketing plan created by the end of our 5-week session and I accomplished that and so much more. I would highly recommend working with Lauren.
- Kim S.
Lauren was great to work with! So generous with her advice and time. I feel clearer on how to go about marketing my business. She had great ideas and spurred my creativity. Thank you, Lauren!
- Anne-Marie M.
Lauren is the ultimate professional: extremely competent, very creative, flexible, personable, and friendly. A great listener, she was able to glean from me the desired scope of my non-profit, organize the concepts, create a logo, and put into words what was in my heart, with the end result being a beautiful, interactive, and informative website. Lauren's a real joy to work with. I highly recommend her services!
- Terry D.

What is "messaging"?

Messaging is the conversation happening between you and your ideal client.

It includes the key points about your business and offering that you want to get across to your audience. If given the opportunity to speak for 1 or 2 minutes to your ideal client, you’d want to make sure they fully grasp these points.

It also includes the details about the value position of your offering to keep the conversation going between you and your client.

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The Marketing Foundation

When we work with clients to develop their messaging, we use a process called "The Marketing Foundation."

The Marketing Foundation process involves taking a deep and thorough look at your ideal client, the journey that they are on, and how you can come alongside them to help in that journey.


When you go through this 4-step process, you’ll have a much clearer picture of the person you want to reach, how to reach them, what to actually say to them.


This sets you up for engaging in meaningful conversations with your ideal clients through all of your marketing efforts.


Developing your Persona


Mapping their Journey


Defining your Service


Writing the Value Proposition

The work that gets done through this 4-step process will support all of your marketing activities including social media, emails, ads, networking, direct mail, brochures, and website. In each tactic you implement, you’ll already know what to write and what’s the goal of it.


This means you can be more efficient and effective in all your marketing efforts.

As our primary marketing service for small businesses, we offer this service in a variety of formats.

Want to find out what's the best option for you?  Let's chat and find out what will be the best fit.

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