Growing & Midsize Businesses

You've been on a journey, and you've gotten this far!

But, maybe now you're questioning what it will take to keep going.

Has your marketing been on auto-pilot for awhile?

When’s the last time you tried something new?

What if you could get another set of eyes and ears to take a fresh look at your strategy for the future?

Sometimes it feels like the world changes so quickly. Your internet speed needs to be upgraded. There’s a new social media channel you’ve never even heard of. The dress you bought a few years ago is apparently now out of style.


It seems like the way you’re used to doing things just isn’t the right way anymore.


Let me first tell you this - the foundation of marketing, it’s most basic principals, doesn’t change. It’s only the how.


Marketing, at its core, is about having a great product, knowing your target audience, and then being able to articulate the value of that great product to that target audience.


While the channels, the technology, the trends change, this foundation is the same.


Your next strategy might not be that far off.

Marketing Consulting Project

When we work together on a Marketing Consulting Project, you’ll get two  main deliverables. 


The first is a Background Report to get our bearings. Yes, you probably know the majority of your business history and present situation, but seeing it written out all in one place, from the perspective of an outsider, might just enlighten you a little.


The primary goal during this phase is to understand your business very thoroughly. That means we ask a lot of questions. And I mean a lot.


After reviewing the Background Report, we start looking toward the future and being work on the Recommendation Report. This phase of the project is high level overview of what you can do to take the next step in your marketing.

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