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Using video to connect with your audiences

During these "stay-at-home" times, one of the questions that came up in my network was how to stay connected to your audiences when you can’t be there in person.

One of the best ways that small business owners can continue to build relationships with their customers is through VIDEO.

Video is one of your best marketing tools in general, but even more so right now. It's the only medium where you can communicate your message with the exact tone and sentiment you intend. A recent podcast from Social Media Examiner explained this really well. Words and pictures can only say so much; video is the closest thing to being there in person, speaking face-to-face.

In my recent Facebook Live, I discussed some of the biggest excuses I hear from people for why they don’t do video, including:

1) I don’t like hearing/seeing myself

2) I don’t like/understand the technology

3) I know I should I just don’t have time

Listen in for how you can move past these excuses and start strengthening your customer relationships with video!


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