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How to Craft Your Message: Personal Workshop

Live Workshop via Zoom, scheduled at your convenience. 


How do you even begin to write your business's message? What is "messaging" anyway?

What should your message include?


We'll answer these questions and more in this 90-minute interactive workshop.


You'll learn about the foundation of marketing and how it underpins your message:


  • Persona Profile & Journey: Creating your detailed persona and identifying the pathway your persona goes through to get to you

  • Product: Defining the features and attributes of your offering

  • Value Positioning: Mapping the points of your offering to the specific needs of your persona (aka writing your message)


In this workshop, more time is spent on the messaging work. As compared with the Foundation workshop, where the focus is more on the persona development and overall marketing strategy.


You'll have time to start brainstorming and crafting your business message during the workshop and will leave inspired to finish it!


Link to join workshop will be emailed to you after you purchase.

How to Craft Your Message: Personal Workshop

  • Refunds will be given for cancellations made 24 hours or earlier before scheduled event.

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