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4 ideas for what to post on your Instagram Story

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

This is a follow up to our previous post about the advantages to using Instagram Stories in marketing your small business. Before you start posting on your Instagram story, it’s important to have a true understanding of what stories are and how effective they can be for businesses. So if you haven’t had the chance to read the original post, you can find it here!

As we said before, Instagram is one of the top social media platforms used today for both personal and business purposes. To utilize the advantages of Instagram stories in marketing your business, it’s helpful to know what kind of content you should be posting. 

So, what are some things you can post/do on your Instagram Story? Here are 4 ideas to get you started!

Side view of a woman holding her phone with the text overlay reading "4 ideas for what to post on your Instagram Story"
1. Tutorials

Tutorials are a great way to ensure your followers understand how to use your product and have the best experience possible. The tutorial could be something short & simple like a quick how-to video with a few basic steps. Or it could be something a bit more intensive like a product demonstration of an entire process like makeup or a cooking/baking tutorial.

Posting educational content for your followers is one of the best ways to increase the interest of your followers on Instagram. You can also give a tutorial for something that you don't even sell. Maybe it's a tool you use often. Or perhaps it's a way of working you find helpful. Posting this type of information can show your followers that you care about them and want to help them!

2. Polls

Instagram stories have a great feature that allows you to run simple polls with your audience. Although the polls may be simple, the information you receive from your audience can be key information for future marketing. Your audience can vote on which product they like better, what they would want to see in the future, and many more things depending on your type of business. Using this interactive tool engages users which is beneficial because when someone engages with your story, they are more likely to see your other feed posts, too.

This poll feature is a smart and easy way to get to know a little more about your target audience. It’s a great way to get engagement and will overall help your business.

3. Behind-the-Scenes
A close up shot of a phone displaying an Instagram Live settings page

Behind-the-scenes stories are an easy way to make your audience feel special! Putting your business on the spotlight and taking your audience through that experience helps humanize your brand or  even gain trust amongst your followers.

When followers can experience “the average day” of your business, they feel more engaged, informed, and most of all special. If you’re setting up for an event or even working on a project, posting a simple behind-the-scenes story could strengthen the relationship between you and your followers.

4. Special Offers/Announcements

Have a promotion or special announcement? Use Instagram stories! With the artistic texts & visuals available within the platform, you can create an attractive page for your story that portrays the information you wish to share. If you have a new product in the works or about to be released, share it on Instagram! Users check stories daily, so this is the perfect place to promote!

Now you tell us - What has been one of your favorite types of content to use in your Instagram Story?


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