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Review of the Social Media in 2018 Research from Pew

Have you been wondering what is best social media channel(s) for you to use for your small business?

Well, I've had the same conversation with a couple of my clients about what is the right social media channels for their business.

Let me start here - There is no right answer necessarily; it comes down to what is your business, who's your audience, and what's your offering.

Of course, your social media strategy should fit into an overall marketing strategy for your business. And when you've worked through your overall mission, value proposition, target audience, and messaging - those pieces will start to point you toward what is your best social channel.

But it's also helpful to take a look at some data!

In this video I walk through some of the findings from the "Social Media Use in 2018" article from Pew Research Center. There are some surprising points in there - listen in for the one that surprised me the most!

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