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The BEST marketing is...

We're at Smart Move #23! This is actually my NUMBER ONE piece of marketing advice, so listen up!

The best marketing is a great product.

No amount of marketing can compensate for a crappy product. I really believe this. You can have all the fancy funnels and engaging emails you want, but if your product/service isn't delivering well, it's going to hurt in the long run.

Listen in for why I believe in this so strongly ⤵️

As I mentioned in the video, there have been a number of teachers and professionals who have impacted this way of thinking for me. One was a teaching from Michelle Meyers at She Works His Way (a great resource!). Another was a video from Kajabi (I wish I could find the exact video, but who knows how I stumbled across that!).

Many others have made this point - a great product makes your marketing and selling easier.

Now here is a question for you: Right now, is there 1 thing you can do to deliver above and beyond for a current client?

Or is there some professional development that you can do which will enable you to better serve your clients?

Is there a product enhancement that your customers have been asking for that you can implement?

Try to find at least one way to deliver to your clients before building up your own business.


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