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What Should My Goals Be For Social Media?

Updated: Apr 8

As a small business owner, you're probably already using social media, but maybe you're not really sure what your goals are for it. Or perhaps you’re hesitant to start using it because you don’t really know what to do with it.

A few weeks ago I went live on Facebook to discuss how you can determine your objectives and goals based on your type of small business.

The first step in developing social media objectives is to clearly understand your prospect (a.k.a. customer) journey. This includes the entire process of what someone is going through as they’re making a decision about the needs they have that could make them a potential customer.

When mapping out this journey, consider these questions:

  • When & how does this person become aware of their problem?

  • What information does your audience need to make a decision?

  • Where are they looking for this information?

  • Who are they talking to about this information?

Two women write on a white board collaborating together during a business meeting
When you begin answering these questions, you’ll actually be able to start identifying new marketing opportunities.

As you think more about their personal life, you’ll begin to anticipate their questions. This allows you to see new ways of effectively resonating with your audience and communicating with them. Eventually, you’ll be able to guide them into a solution that hopefully involves your business!

So, how does social media play into this process? Here’s one example of how 2 businesses could use social media differently:

For a business providing a product directly to consumers, social media can be a method for spreading brand awareness. You can achieve this by asking your current customers to share their purchases on their personal accounts.

For a business that relies on referrals from a professional network, you can use social media to stay relevant with connections. Your social media could become a platform for showcasing your expertise in order to develop trust and stay top of mind with your people who could refer others to you.

These are two rather simple examples, but hopefully, it gives you an idea of how social media can play into your overall marketing strategy in a variety of ways.

A close up image of a woman using Instagram on her phone with the text overlay reading "What should my goals be for Social Media?"

In my recent video, I explain more examples and strategies for how to begin incorporating this mindset into your marketing strategy. If you’re interested in pursuing these goals for your small business social media presence, listen in and learn more here.

And, if you have more questions and would like to discuss a social media strategy for your small business, you can schedule a free intro call with me here.


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